Resilient Youth + Campus Involvement = Continuity of Community

Campus Culture

A successful mentoring program removes a child from the unsupervised dangers of the streets and builds upon a more positive community engagement through education, all of which benefits the community’s well-being and restores necessary funding for the school that is lost due to truancy and suspensions.  

Our mission, vision and core values are rooted in the creation of a pro-active campus culture that manifests into a new generation of young leaders, bringing new leadership and vitality to our communities.

Titans Rise — The Chavez Challenge

The Chavez Challenge was created by RYR Executive Director, John Norman at Chavez High School to help students rise to become better Titans.

The goal of the challenge is to reduce fights, tardies, and the cutting of class by the Chavez students by making better choices and encouraging the same in others.

I’m standing with you and for you”

Award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter (Black Panther, Space Jam), Ryan Coogler, lends his support to students accepting ‘The Chavez Challenge’.

Calendar — Coming Soon!

While the coronavirus may have forced us to do things a little differently lately, that doesn’t mean we aren’t planning and prepping for some great things ahead. Stay tuned!

We Appreciate Your Support

Raising Youth Resilience is a 501 (c)(3)

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of children in Stockton, CA. 



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